The Necklace

He broke my necklace while I cried hysterically. The one that said dream on it. And at the time it felt like he did in fact actually break my dreams. I guess he did in a way. My dreams of being with him forever, of having this happily ever after with him. But he didn’t break me. He crushed my belief in the person I thought he was. He tried to crush me and my hopes and yes my dreams. I think that’s why I’ve been hiding. Why I’ve been running away from what I’ve always wanted my entire life. But I’m not gonna let him succeed. He didn’t win. I won. I got away. It seems crazy saying that. Because he was all I ever wanted at one point. It’s taken me so long to admit that he changed and turned into a person I didn’t recognize. I have been choosing to not believe it. But it all happened. I guess I can’t wrap my head around it. I still can’t face that someone I trusted and chose and picked turned into this other person I once believed to be good. And now, I’ve had this emptiness in me ever since I left him. But he isn’t the void. I am. I lost a piece of myself. I gave it away to someone who didn’t end up caring about me the way I thought he did. And I have the power to retrieve it. I don’t need it back from him. I need to reach inside my soul myself and pull it back out to the surface and tell her it’s ok. You don’t have to be afraid anymore. You don’t have to hide down there. You are enough and have always been enough. You are amazing. You are everything. And you don’t need him. You never did. 🥰

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