Who Am I

Who am I?  Funny enough, that’s the question that made me want to start a blog.  Who is anybody and how do we live with purpose and kindness?  I could be really honest and say well, my name is Jen.  I love wine and I have a crazy cat.  I’m obsessed with Disney and anything from the 80’s. I will always be a kid at heart who loves boy bands and coloring books. I am a feminist, a human rights activist, an actress, a singer, a performer, a writer, and a wanderer.  I’m all these things and more.  But I started this blog not to talk about what I like necessarily but because like so many others in life I’m trying to figure myself out.  I’m trying to find my way in life and wanted to help others in the process.  If I can spread love, kindness, motivation, inspiration, and joy than I’ve done my job as a human being on this planet.  I write to you to follow your heart.  Follow your instincts, Follow your passions.  I write to you to listen to your inner voice.  I hope you enjoy my daily rants and follow my journey.  I want my journey to inspire you to be brave, to be strong, to know you are enough.  Let your light inside shine outside.  Live your truth and believe in yourself.  And please, enjoy my crazy world 🙂


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