The Power of The Mind


I believe we all hold the power inside ourselves to make things work the way we want them to.  I’ve been studying metaphysics and reading books by Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise L. Hay, and a lot more incredible authors.  They all are getting the word out that, “if we change our thoughts, we can change our life.”  If we feel good inside, we can make better choices, we can attract anything we want to ourselves.  I believe this to be true.  If I wake up exhausted and then trip on my way to the shower, let’s just say I’m already pretty pissed off.  Then the water goes cold, which makes me more upset.  Everything keeps getting worse and worse, because I’m basically expecting it to at this point.  But, what if I decided to ignore that feeling?  So what if the water is cold, and now I’m stuck in traffic.  If I feel like I can handle it, I can make a joke about it.  Then the next thing I know, I’m having an amazing day, just because I turned my thoughts around.  I know firsthand what it feels like to be positive rather than negative.  Positivity brings you joy, relaxation, comfort, and hope.  It’s funny too because people will think they are proving you wrong by saying if I’m having a shitty day it just wont get better by changing my thoughts, that’s ridiculous.  But what they are actually doing is proving you right.  They are staying in that negative mind frame.  By stating your day wont get better, and that you’ll just be in a bad mood is making it true.  Breathe, count to 10, and start shifting your thoughts.  Put an upbeat song on, think of a puppy, say to yourself “all is well”.  Now, you’re changing that thought pattern.  You can acknowledge something that is bothering you, and feel that sudden anger, but then you have to try to let it go.  Somehow you have to tell yourself, things will get better.  This is just one moment, and I can choose to react differently to it.  Trust me, I’m guilty of it.  I got a letter the other day saying I owe over 5,000 dollars in taxes for a business I don’t even own.  I was fuming, enraged, and so overwhelmed.  After taking a breath and finding out more about what I could do to fix this problem, it ended up working out in my favor.  Had I just stayed calm and not initially reacted to it, I would have saved myself an hour of unnecessary worry and anxiety, but of course even I struggle with staying present and positive.

Do you ever look back at your life and think of those moments where you freaked out?  Those moments where you got so worked up it ruined your entire night?  Was it worth it?  Seriously ask yourself, could you have reacted differently?  I’ve had moments, especially as a waitress, where I’ve literally cried in front of customers, or have gotten so mad, I’ve left work in tears.  It’s inevitable to feel pain, to feel hurt, to feel as if you aren’t being heard, especially in the workplace.  But I know now, looking back, I could have reacted differently and not let it affect me on such a deep emotional level.  I know by shifting perspective, by shifting my thoughts, I could have walked away from the customer yelling at me, or gotten someone else to help the woman screaming at me.  Of course, in the moment, it’s quite hard to know what to do.  And I take things personally.  But at the end of the day, in the grand scheme of things called life, it doesn’t matter.  Look, no one wants to be yelled at by anyone.  No one wants to be treated unfairly, no one wants that.  But being argumentative, trying to prove yourself right, trying to defend yourself to someone who is clearly not having it, just walk away.  Think to yourself, I’m better than this.  I’m calm, I’m here, and I can choose better right now, in this moment.  Whatever the situation may be.  Now, don’t get me wrong, if you are at a peace rally, or fighting for justice in the world, by all means speak up.  Say what you feel, what is inside of you.  Be strong, and Be bold.  I’m talking about the petty things in life we let get to us.  We get so mad about the little things.  This bill, that bill.  My car won’t start.  I’m fat, I’m broke,  I hate my job, etc.  But we have to change the way we think and the words we use when we speak.  To live a better life, to live a happy life, we must be grateful for what we already have.  We must trust that the universe is working in our favor and that the path we are on is leading us to learn and grow.  We must believe, and be confident that the good things are coming to us.  Now people will argue that this can’t be because, well, look at my bank account.  How do I love a job I hate?  I have bills to pay.  Etc.  This is where the tricky part comes in.  Start believing you have enough money, start believing your job is wonderful.  Start believing in the unseen.  Does it mean you’ll wake up tomorrow and magically see money on your front door step, no.  It means that your positive energy will attract things in your life that will bring you more positivity.  You may get a random check in the mail from something that was owed to you, let the universe worry about that.  You may notice that people at work you don’t get along with suddenly quit, or you get a raise out of the blue.  Maybe you’re sitting in bed one night and have a brilliant idea about opening up your own business.  Some of my best ideas have come when I’ve been completely still, meditating, and I’m saying affirmations to myself.  Now, the same goes for dieting.  Start saying I love my body, I love feeling healthy and fit, I crave healthy foods.  Do you know why you’ll start losing the weight if you want to?  Because you’re tricking yourself with your thoughts and words, and most likely you’ll start eating better.  When you shift your thoughts, when you shift your words, you can create the life you want.  You are your own creator.  Life can be hard and scary, but what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to let it ruin you or are you going to take control?  Let the Universe know who you are and what you want.  And sit back and trust that all is well.  Trust that life is working for you, not against you.  And in those moments of doubt, breathe, count to ten, and start shifting your thoughts.


Health Restored

Here’s a list I made to get my body balanced and back on track.  I want to share my top 10 with you all and hope it helps you when you’re feeling out of whack and needing a pick me up 😉

1.Drink a lot of water. One glass to everything else you drink.  Start the day with it and end with it.

2. Take probiotics. 4 a day. Two in the morning, two at night depending on how many active cultures are in each one.  Get good bacteria in

3. Have a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning as well. 2 tsp in a small glass of  water with lemon and honey

4. Drink green tea in the morning to boost your metabolism.  Look into the extract as well.

5. Look into some good digestive enzymes to take. Check out stores like Pharmaca and Whole Foods and ask for help when searching for the best ones out there.

6. Exercise more/get the blood flowing/ do cardio and resistance training.  Start with 10 min a day, then work your way up.  Do what you love.

7. Meditate 10 min a day or more morning and night.  Fit it into your schedule somehow.

8. Practice self care: baths, facials, manicures, writing, breathing, getting outside more often. Incorporate it all by exercising outside or bring a book and your green tea somewhere to enjoy.

9. Get out of the house every day. Walk, take a class, sight see, explore and take photos. Breathe in the fresh air.

10. Have fun. No matter what, enjoy every moment of every day. Don’t let depression or anxiety or lack of confidence take over.

Write yourself a new story. Start your days strong, motivated and in charge. Be beautiful because you are. You are only you. You are strength and confidence. You are everything

Just Be

I want to let you know that it’s perfectly fine to not always be doing something.  To just be still and present.  We beat ourselves up so much sometimes like we have to constantly be on the go, we have to be out shopping, we have to go meet people, and we definitely need to get those errands done.  But I’ll tell you something, it’s ok to say no to these things.  It’s ok to say, I want to stay in my space tonight.  I want to write or read or take a bath.  I want to meditate.  I want to do whatever it is I need to do at this time.  Do not feel ashamed or guilty for wanting me time.  For wanting to reflect, for wanting to just do nothing.  Doing nothing can manifest the answers you need.  Doing nothing can let you sort out deep emotional feelings that you need to deal with.  And doing nothing is hard and you feel bored and you feel tired, but you know what?  That is everything.  The point is to feel nothing, to breathe into it.  And if you really can’t stand to be alone with yourself than you need to ask why.  Why do you need to be distracted constantly?  Happiness and enlightenment starts with you.  It happens when you look within, not outside of yourself.  So, do me a favor.  Sit alone tonight for 10, 15, 20 minutes and do nothing.  Just breathe.  Try taking a long hot bath and hear the sounds of your breathing, listen to the water and just be still.  Let yourself feel all the feels.  And remember, you deserve your me time.  You deserve everything.

The Many Faces of Depression

I have depression. I have anxiety. It comes and goes in stages but it’s definitely present. I think it all started for me at a young age. Being picked on in school for my weight. I used to have really bad allergies so I would chew with my mouth open, didn’t even know I was doing it. And I was yelled at for it. I was told I was ugly, chubby, a whiner, stupid, bratty, too sensitive. Did I let it break me? NO. Did i move on? YES. But do those wounds still hurt, yes. And throughout my life I have been bullied on occasion, walked on, told what to do, and what’s funny is I’m really nice to people. I don’t judge people, I listen, I care, I care too much, I want to please others. But why?????? What have others done down for me but cut me and put me down. They have made me feel less than I am, weak. And it has fucking hurt. I’m an empath. I’m a sponge. Words stick to me. So I may be smiling and have my makeup on but that morning I was crying in the shower, I was praying for a better day. The same thing applies when you are sick. Well, you don’t look sick so how could you possibly be sick. Well my stomach pains and headache really don’t show on the outside. My depression doesn’t show either. It’s concealed and only shown to me when I’m home alone. It comes out on occasion but for the most part it’s my demon. When people say well you look so happy in pictures, you were having fun, so how can you be depressed??? This one drives me crazy. News flash, I need happiness and fun events to combat the depression. To be with loved ones, to do things that bring happiness into my life. Anxiety is another demon that protects me and ruins me. It is more visible but it exists. These are real symptoms. They don’t just go away. They can, with meditation and prayer, and affirmations, and love and kindness and happiness. But they exist. And that’s alright.  You’re not weird, you’re not a lost cause. You’re not anything but you. And society has defined it as being a bad thing. But what if it’s just that you feel too much, you absorb everything. You need the depression to kick you into gear. To be the best version of yourself, to see it’s time to fight for yourself. To not fear life but to live it. I have depression, I have anxiety but it doesn’t define me. I can be happy with it, I can be having fun with it. I can accept it and feel it. And I can also rise above it.


Feel The Fear And Do It Anyways

Why do I fear? Why am I scared? Every morning, well most of my life I’ve woken up with wanting something more. Something honest, something real, something to make my heart soar and my passion kick in. And I’m not talking about wanting it from anyone or from the world for that matter. I’m talking about myself. But how do you open that can of worms. My struggles, my depression, my worries, my fear have been always in my head, created by me, created by past events that I haven’t let go of, created by anxieties and beliefs that just don’t exist. How do you confront that? Or where do you start? I feel a longing to do all these things yet I tell myself I can’t, or I tell myself tomorrow I’ll do it, or I feel a sense of looming disaster coming from this new possible idea I have. But why? Why do I worry so much? I know part of it is this fear of what will people think of me? But why do I suffer on the inside for the sake of other people? I mean do they really give two cents about me? Do I really care for that matter? When you look at the bigger picture, It’s really not the people I fear, it’s myself. So great, now that I’ve discovered that, what’s next? Where do I even begin to just start doing everything I want to do without fear? Or maybe it’s that you just have the fear and do it anyway. Whenever I’ve performed on stage the fear is real, it’s in my stomach, in the pit of it. But I know I have to get on that stage. I know that I’m scared but I do it anyways. So it’s a horrible feeling but it’s also a rush. Nerves, butterflies, anxiety, whatever you want to call it is supposed to be there. It tells us we’re leaping, we’re taking a chance on something new, it also can be quite real and annoying when you’re getting ready to fly somewhere. Those are the looming disaster nerves I was talking about. So what about taking classes like yoga and dance that scare me so much or going to a coffee shop to use Internet or going to auditions. Again it’s myself, it’s feeling vulnerable. It’s something new for me. We all have to be vulnerable at some point or we’ll just whither away in our safe cocoon. We’ll never do anything because of fear. Any time I’ve ever done anything new or different I’ve felt better afterwards. And if I didn’t feel good I just didn’t do it again. Simple enough right? So maybe that’s the test. Just do it, do it all. Go for dreams, go do something you’ve wanted to do but are scared to do. Do it and then decide if it’s right for you. Don’t make assumptions or decisions about it before you’ve actually lived or experienced it. So when I wake up I live and breathe today and I know it’s full of whatever I want it to be. Whatever happens comes from me. Not from other people but from me. And the looming disaster I see is a fable meant to scare the weak, meant to scare me but it won’t win. Step by step, day by day, some way or another I choose life not fear. And if the fear is there, then feel it, breathe into it, let it go to a place in your soul that can’t stop you from living. Turn off your ego, your mind, and know that you are a living breathing creature on this planet that deserves to enjoy everything. You deserve to do it all, you are worthy, you are strong. Now wake up and set your intention for the day. Make a list of everything you’ve wanted to do, everything you’ve wanted to try, every place you’ve wanted to visit. And just live and breathe it all in.


Feed your Soul

Love is always the answer, being a decent human being is always the answer, caring about other people in this world ( not just your neighbor, not just in America) but the world is the answer. I can’t physically stop Isis, or stop racism, I can’t prevent a person from killing cops, or prevent a man from raping a girl behind a dumpster, or prevent what happened in Orlando. I can’t stop the people who want to be suicide bombers, or prevent another attack like September 11th. I can’t stop a child from shooting up a high school like Columbine, or a school like Sandy Hook. I can’t protect a movie theater when someone walks in with a gun, I can’t even necessarily say how I feel without being told my opinion doesn’t matter. But I can do this. I can vote, I can spread love by being a decent human being to others, I can give back by spreading love around this world. I can hug someone, I can smile at someone I don’t know, I can give up my seat on a bus, I can laugh, I can help, I can show kindness. That’s what the world needs. Love and kindness. Put down your weapons of hate, put down your weapons of jealousy, put down your weapons of fear, put down your weapons. Look up and smile because you are alive, you are human, you are on a planet that needs to love, that is love. Look and marvel at the beauty of it. Love is the answer, being present and living is the answer. Turn off your phones, turn off the tv, go outside and live. Don’t argue back on social media, or say to someone they are wrong, or post about negative things. Post positive things, share love, and be the example you wish for everyone. That’s how we fight back. We stand together with love and we show the universe that we are so grateful for what we have. Don’t feed the beast, Feed the soul.

The movie, Tomorrowland, starring George Clooney is a great representation about what I’m talking about surprisingly.

Change your Thoughts, Change your life by Wayne Dyer is an incredible book that needs to be in every living room

Study the law of attraction and new age philosophies and marvel at what you can create just by changing your mindset, just by thinking differently.


Love Is

Why is there so much hate, power, greed, envy, jealousy, crime, cruelty in this beautiful world, why isn’t there more love, more smiles, more laughs, more hugs, more kisses, more strength, more building people up than tearing them down, why is there so much hate. Why isn’t everyone breathing this fresh air we have, why isn’t everyone dancing in the streets or singing in the rain. Why are people acting out horrific crimes, why are people ruining other people’s joys, why are they taking it away. What is the point? We should be holding hands together, we should be doing good around the world, we should be taking in animals, people, comforting them. Loving them. We’ve tried creating a loving world yet we can’t stop this hate. The people causing this have placed themselves in our midst. Why? Do they wonder why we are on this planet. Do they feel bad for what they’ve done. For ripping families apart. For causing sadness. Do they feel anything for what they cause. Do they feel the emotions we feel. Culture, Religion, Race, Beliefs, Power. Aren’t we happy just being here, being in love, eating amazing food, traveling the world, shopping, reading great books, having sex, having babies, loving life. Loving every part of it. Why is there this need to destroy others happiness, to destroy life, to destroy what we’ve been blessed with. Why does it continue to happen. Why are people shooting innocent people, why is there rape, why is there any violence at all. Why are animals being neglected, why is the earth being neglected? Why are people being neglected. I feel so much right now for what happened in Orlando, for what happened in the Brock Turner Case, for what is happening in Syria, in Yemen, for what happened on 9/11, for what happened at columbine, for what happened when a kid from my high school was murdered for no reason. And when we say things like this was worse than the last or this one killed more people so it makes it worse then again it’s like we’re just waiting for the next one, we’re waiting to compare. We’re expecting a worse one or ok it was just one person so it’s not so bad. No it’s all bad, it’s all violence, it’s all killings against beings. It’s all horrible, it’s all horrific, it needs to stop. I feel everything today. I feel everyone’s pain and suffering. And it’s something I can’t shake. Where is the love in this world and when we have it how do we spread it to everyone? How do we cause a ripple effect of love, compassion, and joy. How do we get to a place where we don’t expect gun violence in our country, where we don’t expect sexism, racism, hatred. How do we teach love? How do we teach sincerity. We have to start somewhere right. We have to start. And maybe one step is taking our power to own a firearm, but it goes beyond that. The person kills, the person acts out the crimes, the brainwashing, the thinking it’s ok, the doing it is the problem. Religious beliefs, country beliefs. It’s beyond taking guns away. It’s mental, it’s not being educated, it’s missing a chemical in the brain, it’s something saying to these people it’s ok to act out crimes of hate. We can’t stop people that are evil if it’s already ingrained in them to be evil but we can start with the next generation. We can start by teaching our children, by showing more love, by talking to them not yelling at them, by getting outside with nature, by teaching mediation in school, by making everyone dance, laugh, and play. We go to school and they tell us to get jobs, pay bills, make money, and be scared of what’s out there. They need to teach us love and kindness, and that life needs to be lived passionately. They need to have a course on love. What is love and what it means. I ask that we all think of something we can do to spread more love. Reach out to strangers, reach out to the world, travel, show the world what it means to love. Spread it so much that it’s on every television, every computer screen, everywhere. Don’t let fear and crime overwhelm us or take over. Let’s fight back with love. We are here to live and love, and watch us do it. Stand up and smile and breath the beautiful fresh air and show what love is. It’s us. It’s inside of us all.