Happy Weekend

Happy Weekend everyone. I meant to post yesterday but forgot it was Friday. Did I mention I’m unemployed right now?  So apparently I don’t  have the slightest clue what day it is or believe in time. I go to bed anywhere from 12 to 4 and wake up anywhere from 8 to 12.  I may … Continue reading Happy Weekend


Soul Searching

How does one soul search?  Where does soul searching even begin?  What is soul searching and why is it so important?  I mean, why are we even on this planet?  I can’t seem to put it into words but I’ve had this feeling in the pit of my stomach since I was probably in high … Continue reading Soul Searching

Write it Out

Write it out Write about what inspires you Write about your goals Write down what you are grateful for Write affirmations down telling yourself you’re beautiful and amazing and wonderful and alive Love yourself Believe in yourself Take action and trust everything will work out Let go and believe Write as if you already have … Continue reading Write it Out