There’s always time to laugh

IMG_1220With everything going on in the world these days, I think you could say we all need a good laugh.  And what better way to kick it off than with a picture of the lovely and talented Kristen Wiig.  From the everyday stress, long commutes, traffic, to the news we see on tv, life can get a little tough to swallow.  That’s why to start my morning right I choose to focus on the positive, to focus on something happy.  Let’s laugh together and spread cheer and joy throughout.  Do I hear a Disney song coming on?  I hope you enjoy this post ;). And remember the quickest way to change your day is to change your thoughts about it, to change your mind.  Laugh, smile, listen to music, and be the beautiful person that you are.  Don’t ever let anyone or anything take away your essence.ceb86c2283fb595939c2dccf84a8320a ca7af625492eb0aa525e5675c049bf02 3809fdf7f2ccbc120c8679c7ff3fd269 983fad8b4c9367696b962ea2fe437195


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