What happened to humanity?

What happened to humanity….

Has it really ever existed? Why must people live their lives with hate and fear in their hearts?  Why must people be so arrogant and angry all the time?  If people don’t look like you, talk like you, breathe like you, well than those people must be the enemy. If you are an animal you are hunted for food and for sport. If you come into my country than you are called an illegal alien, an immigrant, and you are frowned upon. The Trump Administration is taking children away from their parents to essentially “make a point”. No one will cross illegally into my country according to Trump. Is it your country though?  Is it our country?  We just live here cuz we happen to be born here. My family, my ancestors all trace back to England and to Sicily and to a few other countries I most likely don’t know about.  My father is an immigrant. He was born in Trapani, Sicily. I’m pretty sure America isn’t anyone’s country.  And, these so called immigrants, do have a voice, don’t they?  Are they not human beings like us?  Are they not just trying to live in a world that is free from corruption and violence. And yet here we are inflicting corruption and violence upon them. We unfortunately live in a cruel hateful world run by bigots and fascists.   The power hungry man sits on his throne in his big White House and smiles because he’s getting everything he wants. He is running the country and making it his own reality tv show.  It’s disgusting. And he’s getting away with it all.  And, what happened to freedom and love and trust and open arms.  Wasn’t that really the American way? To be free. Yet in our own country, we have crimes happening every day by actual criminals and nothing is being done about it. Guns for instance?  Access to Guns?  Gun violence in schools? Have we already forgotten?  Right to bear arms is our right. But unfortunately guns now are a little different and the people having access to them are struggling with mental illness. Times change, life evolves, and things need to be re-written. We put people away for possession of drugs, for crossing the border, for, dare I say it, jay walking. What happened to actual real crimes?  Real threats? There’s a man who gets only about a month of jail time after raping a woman behind a dumpster. He violated her and took his time and ruined her life. His name is Brock Turner.  And nothing was done.  A cop will get away with everything because he’s a cop, a school shooter will kill classmates and absolutely nothing will be done. And what is happening in our own country doesn’t seem to matter. Why aren’t we doing anything to fix those problems?  Why aren’t we trying to fix our own justice system?
There are real crimes happening, yet we focus on incriminating illegal immigrants???
Why is it so hard to rule with love and kindness?  What is it that makes people rule with hate and greed? To see children cry hysterically for their parents? To prove a point that we are a better country? Are we that righteous? Are we that arrogant?  Do these innocent people coming into our country really pose a threat?  And why don’t we listen to them?  Help them find their way, find out why they want a life here?  At least keep their kids with them and than figure out the rest. I don’t understand how one man in power can get away with what he’s doing. And his supporters think this is ok?  They will defend him and our country. They will blame everything on Obama and the democrats, once again not taking any responsibility for what is actually happening at the hands of Trump.  They will say, he is saving America and making it great again. The thing is, nothing is great, nothing is ok. Nothing is humane when it involves tearing families apart and watching them suffer. Nothing is right when a country would do this to human beings.  Something has to be done. An uprising has to begin and we have to rule with love in our hearts. I’ll say it again. LOVE WINS.  And anyone who doesn’t agree doesn’t have enough love in their hearts to begin with. We must fight for peace and equality amongst every human being. I don’t care what country you are from. We all exist on one planet. People are the ones that decided we all needed to be divided. I think it’s time we decide we are all one in the same. Open up your minds and your hearts. We’re not living in the past. We are living in the present looking for a brighter future. And that means accepting people for who they are and letting people choose their own path. To control chaos we obviously need a just system. So make it just. And do what’s right. Do it the right way. I know I can’t change laws, I know I can’t change border control, but there has to be a better way. A kinder, a gentler way of handling things.

2 thoughts on “What happened to humanity?

  1. This is such an insightful post! Times are definitely changing, and it seems to be for the worst in a lot of cases unfortunately. Solidarity is so important to avoid reverting back to our old ways and start progressing towards a more hopeful future! Loved this!

    Evie x | https://eviejayne.co.uk

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