I’m not just one thing

I’m not just one thing in this world.  I always get are you an actress?  Is that what you do?  I always respond with yes I’m an actress.  But sitting here with my eyes shut thinking about everything I love, I realize I’m not just one thing.  I love to do everything, I love to explore, I love to see what this world has to offer while I’m living in it.  I love reading, writing, singing, dancing, theater, giving back, selling jewelry, making scrap books, going out for wine and cheese, going to concerts, exploring, being with my family.  I want to do it all because why not.  Why do I have to be my career?  Why do I have to only want to pursue one goal?  Why do I have to be defined by one thing?  I don’t, that’s what the truth is.  I’m not what I was yesterday.  I can and You can do all it is that we want to do.  Go live in the mountains and explore, Go travel, Go have a career and then take time off, Go get that degree and then don’t use it for a while, Go be Happy in whatever it is you want to do.  It doesn’t matter.  I’ve always wanted one goal, one thing, and now I’ve had a shift in consciousness, a realization that it’s ok to want something different.  Or to want more than just that one thing.  There could be a year I decide to do something crazy that no one would understand but who cares.  If it’s what’s in your heart, in your deepest desires, in your soul to do that one thing you’re afraid to do than do that.  Be Happy, Be Free, Live.  With everything going on that’s so wrong in this world, we need to start with ourselves first, be the happiness we wish to see in others, be the love we wish to receive from others.  Just Be.  Be Present and never stop living.  We don’t have yesterday, and we may not have tomorrow, but we have today.  We have to listen to our own hearts.  It’s ok to seek advice from others, but they still won’t be living with your results.  That’s for you to find out.  So go be adventurous.  I’m ready, are you?  My heart is beating fast as I write this because I know I should be listening to my own heart, my own advice.  But the world is a scary place, and the people in it are scary.  Let’s do this together.  Hold each other up and never tear each other down.  Inspire one another and give every one the courage to go and take that step to happiness.


*Image courtesy of pinterest.com

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