Wednesday Wisdom


Live your life.  Live your life and do all that you love to you.  What’s your passion?  Do it.  What’s your dream?  Breathe it.  What’s your gut telling you to do?  That aching burning sensation in the pit of your stomach.  I feel it everyday.  I still don’t know the how or the when but it’s present. It’s a force so strong that I can’t shake it.  I feel it in my bones every waking moment.  But what does it mean?  And how do you even begin when the practical side is holding you back.  When fear is holding you back, telling you well you have bills to pay Jen.  Well, you turn to your heart.  I believe in faith and love and honesty and the truth.  The truth is my heart is bigger than my head and has greater power over my mind.  And I know I’m in a place I don’t love right now.  I’m not following my souls desires.  I’m existing, not living.  But I believe a change is coming.  I believe in manifesting my true desires and intentions.  I believe in the law of attraction and that your thoughts are real when you focus long enough on them.  So like Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.”  Our thoughts send out energy, a vibrational wave so to speak, that produce instant results.  I know if I’m angry then everything makes me angry, because whatever I’m thinking has just now become real and I’m seeing it in everyone and everything.  But if I’m happy, yeah something could try to upset me, but only if I let it.  See that’s the trick.  Change the way you handle things.  Change the way you respond.  You’ll start manifesting healthier positive outcomes in life.  Knowing that I’m going through this change, that something is about to manifest in a miraculous way, is just the first step.  So get out your vision boards, start meditating, and write out your desires and intentions.  Live your life for your soul.  Don’t look back on life and wish you had done that one thing you’ve always wanted to do.  Let’s soar together.

One thought on “Wednesday Wisdom

  1. Yep.. You got me babe! Right there.. Right in the middle of my chest, that makes my heart explode and tears stream down my face.. It is the truest calling we will ever hear.. That call of love… The self love that is required like the air we breathe.. Thank you for sharing your light.. For leading in this thought. Love you Jen!!


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