Funny Friday meets Fall :)

I know I’m one day late, but technically it’s still Friday.  I mean it is 2 am and I’ve been up all night decorating my house for Halloween.  I love this time of year.  Pumpkins, Fall leaves, crisp weather, sweaters and boots…. Oh, wait I forgot I live in Los Angeles.  Well, one can dream right.  Happy October everyone and Happy Friday.   Here’s some Holiday/Halloween tips to brighten your weekend 🙂

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  1. Visit a pumpkin patch.  I’ve actually never done this but I’ve always wanted to.  So grab some friends, get some pumpkin spice lattes and go find one.
  2. Arts and Crafts at Michaels.  If you are in the decorating mood visit Michaels and pick up stickers, paints, gems, you name it and have fun with your pumpkins.  Make them stand out.
  3. Put Hocus Pocus on already and watch it everyday till Halloween.  I adore this movie.  Great memories watching this with friends.
  4. Find Fall Leaves and roll around in them.  Take some home for decorations or scrap booking.  Take photos.  Breathe the fresh air.  Which leads me to number 5.
  5. Be Present and Still.  The holidays are meant to be spent with loved ones.  Cherish these times.
  6. Bake Pumpkin Bread….Yummy
  7. Make Apple Cider….Again Yummy
  8. Have a horror movie night at your place and invite friends over.  Ask them to bring wine and dress in their favorite costume from a horror movie.  I’d go with Carrie or Drew Barrymore in Scream.
  9. Go see a movie in The Hollywood Cemetery if you live in Los Angeles.  They are ending their season and it’s so worth it to get tickets for one of their screenings.  Bring a picnic, alcohol, blanket, pillows, and camp out.  So much fun.
  10. Cozy up next to a fire, listen to some music and write.  Writing in a journal is good for the soul.  Let it out.  Whatever is on your mind, write it and don’t hold back.  Let your words flow right out.

Happy October for screenings at the Hollywood Cemetery for arts and crafts

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