All is possible

Feb 17, 2016

Today’s Goals…..

To be strong and courageous and healthy and the powerful goddess that you are.

Jump, don’t sit, leap, don’t wait, risk, love, take a chance even if you are unsure.

Curiosity is all you need to fly. What are you waiting for? Believe, don’t hesitate.

Anxiety, sickness, fatigue is all false yet a sign you are fighting against yourself.

Your body is the key. What is it telling you? What are you resisting? What are you not saying?

Silence and fear and unhappiness comes out in the physical body, to tell us we aren’t living our life’s purpose.

Be the strong powerful creature you are. Run wild with the wolves and don’t look back. All is possible.

3 thoughts on “All is possible

  1. This is my favorite blog, hands down. You capture the ethos of the modern millennial woman and you as an auteur a shining beam of light within the darkness that blooms in our desultory existence.

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    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot. I do this for that very reason, to show positivity, to shed some light in a world not so kind at times. 😉


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