New Adventures


Stuff in storage…. Check
Wanderlust spiritual new adventure begins. Tata LA for now. The crazy people screaming, the traffic, the noise will not be missed. However my friends I’ve made, the bonds will never break. My unhappiness here has stopped me from doing what I love, has held me captive in my tiny apartment all alone for too long. I need to find me, find my path. And walk the talk ;). To a clean slate, To new beginnings that, who knows, may bring me back here one day. I need nature, family, friends, and quiet. I need long nights under the stars with my love, I need early morning sunrises, I need to live and breathe fresh air. My cat needs it too ha. This decision was hard to make considering my dream was to come to LA to act, however LA has kind of taken its toll on me. And the dream still lives and dreams can happen anywhere, I choose to make it happen somewhere else. It’s quite sad that the rule that society has made is you can only live in Los Angeles to make it as an actress. I disagree with this whole heartedly and know that the path around the corner may be the better way for me. A lot of people will disagree with me and I’ll agree with them. I’m probably crazy, who knows. All I know is I wake up with a thirst for life. I wake up wanting more. I always thought it was to move to LA and be on tv or film. But it’s not that. It’s something deep within my soul. Something burning and itching to come to life. So here I go, and who knows what will happen. But I’m ready for anything at this point.


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