My Family…My Heart

They are the glue to my life, they hold this family together. They represent everything I am and everything I love. I’m grateful for us. I’m grateful that through hard days, through amazing days I have them, no matter what.
I admire my sister. I envy her confidence and that she doesn’t care what people think. She’s tough as nails and works her ass off. I envy her intelligence. As a child I watched her read Bronte and Vonnegut, I watched her struggle with mean girls that would never understand the beauty within her like I did, I watched her defend me and love me even though I was the younger bratty sister sometimes. I watched her. She taught me to be strong. She showed me how to do my makeup and how to rise after my 1st heartbreak. My sister. I am my fathers daughter and no one is like my father. He is one of a kind. One funny Sicilian man. I am proud to be his daughter, proud of where he comes from. When I was little my dad was the dad who was in all of our fun skits, dressed as whatever character we wanted him to be. He sang to us, He loves us. The smell of coffee in the early morning, the phone calls that happen when a worried father is concerned about his daughters, this man comes home every night from working two jobs. He works his ass off, and he’s amazing at it. I admire my dad. I admire him for working two jobs. He teaches me to work hard but to enjoy the little things like family time. He brings us together always for family bbqs and has carried our holiday traditions passed down by my Nonna. My father. My mother, my gorgeous intelligent mother is my rock. She’s beauty and strength and courage and kindness and honor. She puts everything on hold and sacrifices it all for her family. She thinks of herself last and us first. She is my soul mate, my twin flame. As a child I watched her do it all. I watched my beautiful mother work so hard to pay bills, I watched her work hard to feed me and my sister. I watched her always put a smile on our faces even when she wanted to cry after a long day, I watched her hold it together, I watched her prevail. I want to be my mom and sacrifice for love. She teaches me everyday that love wins, love is more important than bills, than any job, than any hardship. She teaches me how to be strong, how to believe in myself, to remember where I come from. My mother. The goddess, The glue. They are my glue. We are held together, unbreakable, we are family. We are what matters. We are three forces to be reckoned with. We rise together and love each other no matter what. My family, my heart I love you

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