Feel The Fear And Do It Anyways

Why do I fear? Why am I scared? Every morning, well most of my life I've woken up with wanting something more. Something honest, something real, something to make my heart soar and my passion kick in. And I'm not talking about wanting it from anyone or from the world for that matter. I'm talking … Continue reading Feel The Fear And Do It Anyways


Feed your Soul

Love is always the answer, being a decent human being is always the answer, caring about other people in this world ( not just your neighbor, not just in America) but the world is the answer. I can't physically stop Isis, or stop racism, I can't prevent a person from killing cops, or prevent a … Continue reading Feed your Soul

Love Is

Love Why is there so much hate, power, greed, envy, jealousy, crime, cruelty in this beautiful world, why isn't there more love, more smiles, more laughs, more hugs, more kisses, more strength, more building people up than tearing them down, why is there so much hate. Why isn't everyone breathing this fresh air we have, … Continue reading Love Is

New Adventures

Stuff in storage.... Check Wanderlust spiritual new adventure begins. Tata LA for now. The crazy people screaming, the traffic, the noise will not be missed. However my friends I've made, the bonds will never break. My unhappiness here has stopped me from doing what I love, has held me captive in my tiny apartment all … Continue reading New Adventures