I See You Now

I see you now clearly

I never thought I would be in this situation

But here I am seeing what I knew all along

I felt so lost and confused

I doubted my own experience

You made me believe I was in the wrong

But here we are and life hasn’t changed for you

You’re the person I saw behind closed doors

You’re the person who beat me down

You’re the person who fell down a dark path

And you’re still there destroying everything around you

And now I see you and what you did to me

And I know I made the right decision to leave

I left so fast and with so much guilt

And now I’m relieved I left the way I did

You were dragging me down and infecting me with your sickness

And I left and hoped you would get help

Seeing the truth is hard but it’s also therapeutic

The trauma I endured doesn’t own me but it does make me stronger

It does lay with me at night and protect me

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing is the path you chose

I’m lucky to not be a part of it

I see you now

I see what you’ve become

So now the door shuts and the healing really begins

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