Meaningless Job

Are you stuck in a meaningless job?  There was a time I stayed in a job that was crushing my soul little by little every day.  I stayed there almost 3 years.  Why?  Was it worth it?  Looking back, I just wanted to make sure my bills got paid.  I was making great money, I was secure, I was safe.  Was I happy?  No.  Was I gaining weight and getting sick all the time? Yes.  Was I crying almost every night after work?  Yes.  Again, was it worth it?  No.  I could have walked away.  I could have said enough is enough.  I deserve better.  I deserve to feel amazing every day of my life.  So, how do you listen to that inner voice?  How do you walk away from something toxic?  When do you stick it out verses knowing it’s time to start again somewhere else?  I kept sticking it out.  I kept hoping it would get better.  At times it did.  I made great friends, but then I also had horrible relationships there as well.  So, I didn’t listen to my voice.  I didn’t see the signs even though they were right in front of me. I believe we learn from every experience in life.  This particular experience made me believe that you have to just trust yourself.  You have to believe that you will be able to pay the bills, you will be safe, but somewhere else.  The Universe always rises up to meet you when you’re ready.  Here’s some advice for you….

  1. Look for the signs…. Any sign that resonates with you that your current job is not worth it.  Mine was constantly rude customers, constant fights among certain co-workers, anxiety, headaches, fatigue.  My health being affected was a huge sign.
  2. Listen to you heart….  What’s your heart telling you???  Not your brain, Not your ego, but your heart, your soul, your passion.  Yes we have to pay bills, but there’s always something better out there.  Follow the laws of attraction and visualize.
  3.  Trust your intuition… The first day I started at this job, my gut told me something was off.  I remember not wanting to work there, not wanting to stay there the first week.  But I stuck it out.  Things got better, but horrible at first, then better, then horrible again.  I remember driving into the parking lot thinking to myself this doesn’t feel right.  I felt resistance in my body.
  4.  Don’t be afraid to quit… I was always afraid I wouldn’t find another job, or afraid to start somewhere new, afraid the money wouldn’t be as good somewhere else, etc etc.  Fear shouldn’t be the reason you sacrifice living a fulfilled life.
  5. You are enough and You matter….  People will try to tear you down in life no matter where you are.  The key is to not take it personally.  The key is to know that the person tearing you down is only mirroring their own reflection onto you.

I’m not perfect, I know I’m sensitive, and I know I could have not taken things so personally at my job, but I do matter, and my voice matters.  Defending yourself every day, feeling insecure every day, crying every day for what?  A job is not worth it.  It’s not worth you losing your sanity.  In the end, I made positive friendships, I saved a lot of money, and I learned a lot about myself.  So, in my situation staying led to a positive result, however I’m still recovering from the years there.  In a weird ironic way, my gut telling me to leave but also telling me to stick it out led to me feeling emotionally drained, yet made me see how life has to be lived truthfully.  What’s your truth?  What’s your passion? Quit the draining job, follow your highest potential, and find out.  Trust and have faith.  Don’t let your job or anything or anyone suck you dry.  Let your light shine.

Me at the Self Realization Temple in LA


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