Hello from Australia

I’m in Australia and it’s magical.  My job ended Feb 29th, I packed up my belongings and left LA April 16th, and now here I am in Sydney enjoying a glass of red wine.  I’m wandering, exploring, seeing the world.  I’m giving myself the break it deserves.  If you had told me last year when I was home crying after a long day at work that I’d be in Australia the next year I wouldn’t believe it.  For that matter I wouldn’t have believed my job would end.  I felt so lost, so stuck, so wanting to get out of it.  And now I’m making room for space, for new things to take place.  I’ve always loved my comfort zone, but it’s time to make the changes I deserve. I’ve been in Sydney for 5 days and next I go to New Zealand, followed by a week in Tasmania.  I’m living life and choosing to have fun.  image

2 thoughts on “Hello from Australia

  1. This is such a fantastic post to wake up to! Congratulations, and Welcome to the other side. =) Where are you heading in NZ? North or South island?

    Love and Blessing to you

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