Love Is

Why is there so much hate, power, greed, envy, jealousy, crime, cruelty in this beautiful world, why isn’t there more love, more smiles, more laughs, more hugs, more kisses, more strength, more building people up than tearing them down, why is there so much hate. Why isn’t everyone breathing this fresh air we have, why isn’t everyone dancing in the streets or singing in the rain. Why are people acting out horrific crimes, why are people ruining other people’s joys, why are they taking it away. What is the point? We should be holding hands together, we should be doing good around the world, we should be taking in animals, people, comforting them. Loving them. We’ve tried creating a loving world yet we can’t stop this hate. The people causing this have placed themselves in our midst. Why? Do they wonder why we are on this planet. Do they feel bad for what they’ve done. For ripping families apart. For causing sadness. Do they feel anything for what they cause. Do they feel the emotions we feel. Culture, Religion, Race, Beliefs, Power. Aren’t we happy just being here, being in love, eating amazing food, traveling the world, shopping, reading great books, having sex, having babies, loving life. Loving every part of it. Why is there this need to destroy others happiness, to destroy life, to destroy what we’ve been blessed with. Why does it continue to happen. Why are people shooting innocent people, why is there rape, why is there any violence at all. Why are animals being neglected, why is the earth being neglected? Why are people being neglected. I feel so much right now for what happened in Orlando, for what happened in the Brock Turner Case, for what is happening in Syria, in Yemen, for what happened on 9/11, for what happened at columbine, for what happened when a kid from my high school was murdered for no reason. And when we say things like this was worse than the last or this one killed more people so it makes it worse then again it’s like we’re just waiting for the next one, we’re waiting to compare. We’re expecting a worse one or ok it was just one person so it’s not so bad. No it’s all bad, it’s all violence, it’s all killings against beings. It’s all horrible, it’s all horrific, it needs to stop. I feel everything today. I feel everyone’s pain and suffering. And it’s something I can’t shake. Where is the love in this world and when we have it how do we spread it to everyone? How do we cause a ripple effect of love, compassion, and joy. How do we get to a place where we don’t expect gun violence in our country, where we don’t expect sexism, racism, hatred. How do we teach love? How do we teach sincerity. We have to start somewhere right. We have to start. And maybe one step is taking our power to own a firearm, but it goes beyond that. The person kills, the person acts out the crimes, the brainwashing, the thinking it’s ok, the doing it is the problem. Religious beliefs, country beliefs. It’s beyond taking guns away. It’s mental, it’s not being educated, it’s missing a chemical in the brain, it’s something saying to these people it’s ok to act out crimes of hate. We can’t stop people that are evil if it’s already ingrained in them to be evil but we can start with the next generation. We can start by teaching our children, by showing more love, by talking to them not yelling at them, by getting outside with nature, by teaching mediation in school, by making everyone dance, laugh, and play. We go to school and they tell us to get jobs, pay bills, make money, and be scared of what’s out there. They need to teach us love and kindness, and that life needs to be lived passionately. They need to have a course on love. What is love and what it means. I ask that we all think of something we can do to spread more love. Reach out to strangers, reach out to the world, travel, show the world what it means to love. Spread it so much that it’s on every television, every computer screen, everywhere. Don’t let fear and crime overwhelm us or take over. Let’s fight back with love. We are here to live and love, and watch us do it. Stand up and smile and breath the beautiful fresh air and show what love is. It’s us. It’s inside of us all.


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