Feed your Soul

Love is always the answer, being a decent human being is always the answer, caring about other people in this world ( not just your neighbor, not just in America) but the world is the answer. I can’t physically stop Isis, or stop racism, I can’t prevent a person from killing cops, or prevent a man from raping a girl behind a dumpster, or prevent what happened in Orlando. I can’t stop the people who want to be suicide bombers, or prevent another attack like September 11th. I can’t stop a child from shooting up a high school like Columbine, or a school like Sandy Hook. I can’t protect a movie theater when someone walks in with a gun, I can’t even necessarily say how I feel without being told my opinion doesn’t matter. But I can do this. I can vote, I can spread love by being a decent human being to others, I can give back by spreading love around this world. I can hug someone, I can smile at someone I don’t know, I can give up my seat on a bus, I can laugh, I can help, I can show kindness. That’s what the world needs. Love and kindness. Put down your weapons of hate, put down your weapons of jealousy, put down your weapons of fear, put down your weapons. Look up and smile because you are alive, you are human, you are on a planet that needs to love, that is love. Look and marvel at the beauty of it. Love is the answer, being present and living is the answer. Turn off your phones, turn off the tv, go outside and live. Don’t argue back on social media, or say to someone they are wrong, or post about negative things. Post positive things, share love, and be the example you wish for everyone. That’s how we fight back. We stand together with love and we show the universe that we are so grateful for what we have. Don’t feed the beast, Feed the soul.

The movie, Tomorrowland, starring George Clooney is a great representation about what I’m talking about surprisingly.

Change your Thoughts, Change your life by Wayne Dyer is an incredible book that needs to be in every living room

Study the law of attraction and new age philosophies and marvel at what you can create just by changing your mindset, just by thinking differently.


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