I can’t blame you anymore

For the dreams I’ve left behind

For my soul not being complete

And I know it’s on me

I know that the past is over and done

And I’ve learned a thing or two

But I can’t blame you anymore

For making me feel weak 

For taking me on this journey 

I can’t give you that power anymore 

My feet are frozen and that’s on me to move them

To rise up, to succeed and leave the past where it belongs 

To be who I was born to be, to be true to myself, to my heart

I can’t blame you anymore 

For you taught me so much about love

You held me close and tight and gave me so much even though the end was clouded by darkness and pain

And even though our worlds parted, I can only blame myself for not moving forward

And that’s ok too

Over time we heal and grow and learn and develop

And we only know when we’re ready to return to ourselves, to our essence

Only then can we move on and fully live our lives the way they are supposed to be lived 

So I don’t blame you anymore, because you were a lesson early on in my life

And now I choose strength and courage

 Now I choose me 

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