Just Be

I want to let you know that it’s perfectly fine to not always be doing something.  To just be still and present.  We beat ourselves up so much sometimes like we have to constantly be on the go, we have to be out shopping, we have to go meet people, and we definitely need to get those errands done.  But I’ll tell you something, it’s ok to say no to these things.  It’s ok to say, I want to stay in my space tonight.  I want to write or read or take a bath.  I want to meditate.  I want to do whatever it is I need to do at this time.  Do not feel ashamed or guilty for wanting me time.  For wanting to reflect, for wanting to just do nothing.  Doing nothing can manifest the answers you need.  Doing nothing can let you sort out deep emotional feelings that you need to deal with.  And doing nothing is hard and you feel bored and you feel tired, but you know what?  That is everything.  The point is to feel nothing, to breathe into it.  And if you really can’t stand to be alone with yourself than you need to ask why.  Why do you need to be distracted constantly?  Happiness and enlightenment starts with you.  It happens when you look within, not outside of yourself.  So, do me a favor.  Sit alone tonight for 10, 15, 20 minutes and do nothing.  Just breathe.  Try taking a long hot bath and hear the sounds of your breathing, listen to the water and just be still.  Let yourself feel all the feels.  And remember, you deserve your me time.  You deserve everything.

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