Health Restored

Here’s a list I made to get my body balanced and back on track.  I want to share my top 10 with you all and hope it helps you when you’re feeling out of whack and needing a pick me up 😉

1.Drink a lot of water. One glass to everything else you drink.  Start the day with it and end with it.

2. Take probiotics. 4 a day. Two in the morning, two at night depending on how many active cultures are in each one.  Get good bacteria in

3. Have a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning as well. 2 tsp in a small glass of  water with lemon and honey

4. Drink green tea in the morning to boost your metabolism.  Look into the extract as well.

5. Look into some good digestive enzymes to take. Check out stores like Pharmaca and Whole Foods and ask for help when searching for the best ones out there.

6. Exercise more/get the blood flowing/ do cardio and resistance training.  Start with 10 min a day, then work your way up.  Do what you love.

7. Meditate 10 min a day or more morning and night.  Fit it into your schedule somehow.

8. Practice self care: baths, facials, manicures, writing, breathing, getting outside more often. Incorporate it all by exercising outside or bring a book and your green tea somewhere to enjoy.

9. Get out of the house every day. Walk, take a class, sight see, explore and take photos. Breathe in the fresh air.

10. Have fun. No matter what, enjoy every moment of every day. Don’t let depression or anxiety or lack of confidence take over.

Write yourself a new story. Start your days strong, motivated and in charge. Be beautiful because you are. You are only you. You are strength and confidence. You are everything

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