I now know I am so much more than love

I am fierce with passion and love

I am longing for a type of soul that can withstand me

My power is great and true and honest and real

I am all woman and strength and beauty wrapped in a tight bow

I can unravel and I can crumble

But if you catch me and hold me I will be one with you

I am a wave of emotions and this wave is forever changing from shallow to deep

The deeper I go the deeper I feel the deeper I love with everything I have

Become part of me and be vulnerable with me

If you keep up with me what grand adventures we will have

This is the beauty of life

Show our wounds and share our passions

And dance in the sea together

Let us be one and love so fiercely

And our waves will forever flow together as one


Thank you pinterest.com for this beautiful photo.

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