I am Woman

ECBFE3A9-CF38-4CAA-A657-DAD6FE2F0E88I am a woman
I am fierce yet shy
I am strength yet weak
I am sensual yet afraid
I am human yet looked down upon
I am covered up yet beautiful
I am silenced yet have a voice
I am wild and crazy and emotional
I am free yet I sit in a cage
I am here yet they don’t listen
My words are saying listen to me
This happened to me, don’t you understand
But they laugh and carry on
They govern our bodies
They make laws about us
They try to stop us from being the powerful beings they know we are
They are afraid
I am woman
I am fierce and shy and wild and afraid and beautiful and strong and sensual and timid and all these things and more.
You should be afraid
Because when women rise up and take the power back the world will be beautiful
We will have a voice
We will be the strength this country needs
We will embrace everyone and we will succeed
I am woman
Are you afraid
You should be
* photo by WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD courtesy of Pinterest.com*

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