The Song

6DE58A3C-FE52-42F1-95C2-96D83F8298A7Music heals me and breaks me all at once
The lyrics ring true to my life
Speaking to the heart of my soul
I remember it all
The last night we touched
As I watched you walk to the train station
I cried so disruptively shaking the walls
I hurt everywhere and couldn’t breathe
Knowing it was ending I curled up and shut myself off
I see it all so perfectly as I listen to these melodies
I feel the hurt all over again and I’m swept up in it once again
Time doesn’t heal all wounds, it just makes it easier to turn it off
Love doesn’t disappear
The memories don’t fade away
They just hide until you open them back up
Until that song comes on and reminds you of what you lost
Reminds you of why you left
Reminds you of how it all began
That story still exists
And it still hurts to remember
But the song plays on and I remember
I remember it all
I’m healed yet broken all at once
*picture courtesy of Canva Designs

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