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What’s missing really from your life?

Maybe it’s just your presence to the moment. To each moment. Maybe that’s what’s really missing. Maybe it’s not about the lack or that empty feeling. Maybe it’s that you’re missing out on what is right in front of you. Maybe your gain is obtainable in this moment now. There’s only lack if you put focus or emphasis on it. It can be hard when you are a striving for more of something. But maybe in the striving we are learning so much more about ourselves. Maybe in the striving we can laugh and be ok with what we have now. Maybe we can see it’s a gain to just be breathing on this planet. It’s a gift to be here in this world that has so many changes happening on a daily basis. So many ups and downs. So many scary moments yet so many miracles. And what if you get the thing you think you want?  Or the thing that you think will make you happier?  What then?  Is there a way to make it happen now?  Is there a way to feel that same happiness now?  We must strive for those feelings now in this moment. All we ever truly have is the now and this moment that we’re in. So why not look at that as a gain. Why not smile and laugh and know in your heart you already have everything you want. A funny thing may just happen.  The Universe will bring more of it too you. The cards will fall into place. And one day you’ll wake up and feel awake. You’ll feel enlightened. You’ll feel what you’ve always felt. It’s in there. You just have to center yourself and feel it now. Nothing is missing. We have everything. We just have to fake it until we make it so to speak. Feel good, Feel love, Feel Joy, Feel happiness, Feel strength, Feel the beauty. Show love and kindness and stay on your path. It is the right one. You are in charge. Show up for your life and be present in every moment. You may just witness something extraordinary.

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