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I’m having a good day, a great day

So why am I crying

Why am I so sad?

I feel like the choices I’ve made have brought me to this breaking point

Choices I’m regretting but then again we learn from our choices, from our past

Why am I still crying over a past life?

Why am I beating myself up?

I am so hard on myself for decisions I’ve made in the past

Yet those decisions were what I wanted at that time

But I get angry and I cry at the way I handled things

But what is the point in dwelling

All we have is now and now I’m angry at a past I can’t get back or change

So I must choose now to make better choices

I must trust that the Universe has my back always

That everything that happened was preparing me for a better future

So maybe the choices we make are the only ones we can ever make

Maybe there is never a right choice, but the only choice

So, as much as I beat myself up about them, I have to accept and let go

I have to breathe

I have to stay in my lane

And I have to always listen to my heart

I choose to always listen to my heart, always

And I choose to believe in a better tomorrow, always

Why do I cry?

Because I let it all go……..



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