This is Me

I write motivational pieces for myself and others to uplift, to make my voice heard. I write from my heart and hope to speak to people far and wide.

I’m also a complete goof ball and think it’s time to incorporate that into my writing as well. I love everything positive and what better way to show positivity than sharing a little comedy as well. For those who know me, I’m always making jokes, laughing, saying things I shouldn’t, not making sense, falling over and bumping into things, quoting movies, dancing around, and most likely breaking out into show tunes. So I’m not a very serious person to begin with. But I love writing. My sister is an author. It runs in our blood. One of my dreams is to write sketch comedy and also a book of poetry. I want to do it all because why not. Because I can. Comedy, laughter, being goofy saves me every day. Depression can take over at times but I swear the only way out is through love and laughter and not taking life so seriously. So I just wanted to share this today. I wanted you all to know me. To see me. To understand that life can get messy and hectic and crazy but there’s alway love and joy to pull us back in. To pull us back to who we truly are 💗💗💗💗💗

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