I feel like I’m behind on life Behind on the life I should be living I wake up and I realize I’m not as young as I once was I wake up and see the years are gone The house I’m in won’t be mine forever And now I’m in my thirties wondering what happened … Continue reading Behind

Another Friday

Hello my lovelies. I took a bit of a break from my blog to visit family and friends. Also I sometimes get so scatterbrained that I forget I have a blog. Welcome to your thirties. I’m still visiting home in gorgeous Monterey, Ca.  Plans this weekend are to include the Monterey County Fair where I … Continue reading Another Friday

Write it Out

Write it out Write about what inspires you Write about your goals Write down what you are grateful for Write affirmations down telling yourself you’re beautiful and amazing and wonderful and alive Love yourself Believe in yourself Take action and trust everything will work out Let go and believe Write as if you already have … Continue reading Write it Out