Cycle of Life

Everything begins and ends. There’s a time limit to everything. An expiration date and than a rebirth. We are always given a certain amount of time with everything. I think about the time I was given with my Nonna and the wonderful experiences we had together and than one day everything was different. I think about how the holidays come and go every year. Or how we have only so much time with a beloved pet. How we are only given so much time with loved ones. With jobs, with things that expire, clothes that go out of style, cars that eventually have to be replaced, with people that pop in an out at various stages of our life. It’s interesting to think that it’s just a continuous cycle of birth and death and new and old and present and past and beginning and end. Why is that? Why were we put on this planet to experience such wonderful things and fall in love and experience love in so many different ways to only at times say goodbye to it. Or replace it with something new. Is it merely to experience? To have that love fill our hearts. To be inspired. To live. To always be present. To know what love is. To know what family means. To know that things begin and end. I know in my heart there’s got to be more to all of this. There has to be more. There has to be a message we’re learning. Just looking at nature and how trees grow and die and regrow and flowers grow when watered but die without that thirst. We must all be watered. We must all have a thirst for life. The sun rises and sets, the moon goes through various cycles, and starts again. A star evaporates. The sky goes from light to dark back to light again. The earth rotates. Everything is in some sort of cycle. And it’s what we do during that cycle that matters. How do we keep ourselves alive? How do we enjoy life even though we know there’s an end to things. Even though we know there’s changes coming. We live. We live with everything we have. We love. We love with everything we have. We experience life to its fullest. We live with passion and curiosity and joy and hope and trust. We plant the seed, we water it, and we watch it grow. We show love and kindness to every experience and every person, and every thing in that moment. What we give we receive. And it goes on and on and it changes. The people will change and the experiences will change. But you’ll still be you. You’ll still have the people you love always. Life will change and start again but we’re always connected in the cycle of life

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