The Bold Choices

When all you know is what you know

How do you expand, how do you grow

What makes you want to take the leap

Knowing that what you are doing isn’t your purpose

But what is, and how do you find it

How do you know what you want to do

How do you listen to your intuition

Your inner guide steering you

When is it time to make the bold moves

The bold choices

And where does it lead you

I believe in the art of allowing and letting go but sometimes it’s so hard. The grip I have on the things I want and the things I don’t want just make a crazy puzzle in my mind. And I’m looking for the solution. I’m looking so much I feel like Alice falling through the rabbit hole. I want to live this life to its fullest. I want to take chances and grow. I want to find love again and be whole. I want to give love and receive it. I want to see everything I want to see. I want passion and creativity every day in my life. So why does it feel so hard at times. And why does it feel so scary. And why do we settle for mindless work we don’t love just to pay bills. Why do we always settle and play it safe? I feel like the answer comes down to security. But how do we know that we can’t live a life fuller with more security than we ever imagined by doing what we love. Why have people associated Jobs they hate with a comfortable lifestyle that they don’t even get to enjoy because they’re at the job they hate 95% of their life. And maybe it’s not that you hate it. You love the people, and you make great money but there’s no growth from it. There’s no challenges. There’s no passion. For some, yes. But for the souls who crave something more, that burning desire and rage to just be free as a bird, they just can’t take one more minute at this job. So what’s next? A chance? Hope? New opportunities? What is stopping you? What is keeping you stuck? Ask yourself this and maybe the answers will come to you. Maybe you just need to take a chance and try something new and see where it takes you. Maybe life is giving you these lessons so that you can learn and be brave and be who you were meant to be. Maybe the money will follow. Maybe there’s more out there than you realize. And you’ve just put yourself in this box you’ve created. That the only way to succeed is if you stay there but you know that’s not true. You know you are worthy of so much more. And you can have everything you want by believing and changing your story. You are who you create. So create someone magnificent and be magnetic. Be who you want. And kick down doors. And visualize your life and do it. Do it all. Now. Today. And know this is your life. So live it.

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