Love I left you behind

Love I left you behind

I lost you
I couldn’t find you so I ran
I ran like the wind 
I took what I could and disappeared 
And still not seeing you hurts
That last image of you still playing in my mind 
That last kiss in the doorway
Our lips locked for what seemed like an eternity 
Yet was only a second
Watching the life I created with you shatter before me
Love I left you behind
Feeling empty and scared and broken I needed to find me
Every mirror I stared into was a reflection of a girl I didn’t know anymore 
I made a decision 
One that still aches in my soul every day
Love you left me behind 
You left me crying and hurt and alone
You didn’t fight or care
You watched me leave before I was gone
And all that’s left are the memories
All that’s left are pictures and chaos in my mind 
Yet my body still feels it all 
I feel the pain in my joints
I feel the sadness in my eyes
I feel the loss in my soul
I feel the terror when I sleep
Love I left you behind before you could do anymore damage 
I left you before you could hurt me anymore 
What once was beautiful crumbled so quickly 
In an instant we both morphed into different people 
And in an instant my life was forever changed 

2 thoughts on “Love I left you behind

  1. love this jen! stay strong and the healing will come as you seek it and choose you on your journey. fill each moment with all of the things you love – that which nourishes your heart and soul.

    – love, sof

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