Shedding the Past

I wonder when we get sick if it’s a cosmic ripple effect that we are all experiencing. That’s why it’s always at the same time and always at the end of the year. Winter time is the season for sickness and as we start the new year maybe we are shedding the past. We, as humans, decided that our lives are lived by years, by decades, by centuries versus day to day or even month to month. We define it by celebrating on January 1st. We begin something new. Something fresh. We are determined to change our ways. Be better. Do better. So at the end of the year we tend to get ready for the new year by shedding the past. Hence illness. I’m writing this as I have a cold and a cough. And it makes me wonder why I always get this way every year at this time. What does it mean. What is it that our bodies are doing?  Mentally I want to change, take more action, speak up, love my life and live it honestly. So is me being sick really just from germs in the air, other people? Or is it really a compilation of all my thoughts? Yes and yes and more yes. I believe the illness manifests in physical form but it runs deeper. And every person that has it spreads it to someone who’s open to catch it. Some people don’t get it because they are strong. They have a stronger immune system but I also think mentally they are stronger. So that leaves the people with weaker immune systems or more work to do. So the illness is there. Now what?  I say yes to self care and herbs and medicine but also to take a moment. Be still and thank yourself for an incredible year. Was it really that bad?  What did you do that was fun?  What did you enjoy?  Focus on what was so right and expand on that. Go into the new year healthy and strong. Because you are strong. And you got this. Cold season be damned. We don’t need to end the year sick to see we want to do better things in life. I was with a friend yesterday who reminded me to stay present and thank the sickness for being here.  And I agree that being sick is a sign. It’s a sign that we as humans need to take better care of ourselves not just physically but mentally. So we may be shedding the past and looking forward to the future but what steps can we take right now. Before January 1st. What life changing decision can we make now?  Do it. Whatever it is. And also, make yourself a cup of hot tea with apple cider vinegar and get better.  It isn’t just a physical fight, it’s a mental one. And we can beat it and win.  

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